Visual Perceptual Skills and Play

Visual perception is how we make sense of our world. It is more than just seeing. It involves complex processes in our brain to understand what our eyes see. Visual perceptual skills are very important for reading and writing.

Activities to help develop visual perceptual skills through play:

  • Shape Sorters – start with the round and square shapes, and add the harder shapes as your child improves.
  • Puzzles – show your child how the child pieces fit into the puzzle and then how pieces fit together to make a picture.
  • Memory and Lotto Style Games (e.g. colour lotto, shape and number bingo)
  • Seek and find books – encourage your child to find the hidden objects within the pages. Teach them to scan left to right along the page.
  • Duplo/Lego – encourage your child to follow each step. Help by sorting the pieces for them until they have the skills to sort and find the right pieces as well as assemble the design.
  • For the big kids – connect 4 and battleship.