Let the Children Play!

Play is important for children and is vital for learning and developing. Play forms the basis for many skills required later in life as adults.  It encourages children to learn about themselves and their environment through the use of skills including sensory motor skills (coordinating movements, fine motor and gross motor skills), cognitive skills (thinking, attending, concentrating) and psychosocial skills (sharing, turn taking, listening and talking). 


There are different types of play which provide specific opportunities your child’s development. Toys need to be the right fit for your child. Babies need toys to bang, shake and mouth as their bodies get strong. Toddlers need toys to push/pull, post, stack and drop and allow for exploration of how things fit together.  


From 3 children are ready for role play and imaginative play and learning to play with others. As parents we are the most valuable toy for our children and it is great to be a kid again! Instead of saying “go and play” you should say “come and play!”