Sensory Play

Sensory play is anything to do with involving our senses- hearing, seeing, touching, tasting, smelling, and movement.  It is important for children to engage in sensory play as it helps to develop motor skills, language skills, social-emotional skills, and thinking skills.   


Activities for sensory play:  

  • Slime – it is definitely a craze at the moment. Make your own if you are brave! Otherwise purchase some ready-made slime! 
  • Playdough – a little less messy. Get creative and make cakes/burgers/pizzas, use cookie cutters to create different shapes. 
  • Sensory walk – create an outdoor sensory walk by using grass, sand, pebbles and even a tub of dishwashing liquid bubbles 
  • Rainbow glitter jars – fill a jar/bottle with water, glitter glue and food colouring. Shake it up and watch the glitter fall 
  • Musical toys from recyclables – fill rice in an empty water ball, create a drum from a milo tin. 
  • Smell scavenger hunt – Go on a scavenger hunt using only your nose- smell flowers, grass, the pantry! 
  • Cook with your kids experimenting with tastes and textures.