Meet our team of qualified, friendly and brilliant Occupational Therapists!


Director / Occupational Therapist

Nicole runs TOTS and loves being an OT

Is also a Mum to two wonderful girls

Coffee and chocolate get me through every day!

On my holidays I like to go on cruises and see the world

Loves playing with lego and bubbles

Enjoys celebrating wins with the families


Occupational Therapist

Has excessive amounts of chocolate throughout the day.

Always loves to hear a joke and laugh.

My favourite animal is a panther.

I like to play giggle wiggle and pop the pig.

Sports are something I enjoy.

Helps kids to achieve their goals.


Occupational Therapist

Motivated to help kids and their families achieve their goals

Always up for a chocolate treat

Determined to make therapy fun

Doing things with my husband and my dogs make me happy

You can find me enjoying an outdoor activity on the weekend


Occupational Therapist
Compassionate about paediatrics
Always reading in my spare time
Supporting children and families to achieve their goals
Sticky date pudding is my favourite treat


Occupational Therapist

Always singing and dancing
Believes in making therapy fun
Baking is something I enjoy
You will always find me reading a good book or hanging out with my puppy dog!


Occupational Therapist

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is my favourite movie.

Keen to work with kids and families at TOTS

You can win me over with strawberry freddos.

Excited for my career as an OT at TOTS


OT Assistant

Blue is my favourite colour

All for laughing and enjoying a good time

I like to work with lots of different kids and personalities

Loves to watch sports and movies

Everything is better with chocolate

Youngest of the crew



Singing out loud to songs in the car

Happy to always lend a hand

Enjoys greeting all the families at TOTS

Ready to start the day with a smile

Excited to explore different countries

Embraces quality time with my family


Fun times are what I love
Ready to play or just lay on your lap
Easy to please- just feed
Does like to give cuddles and kisses
Doting dog to the clinic and Nicole
Over the moon to meet you all


Clinic Mascot

Totally awesome looking

OT mascot at TOTS

TOTS man was born in 2013, a character to symbolise that we work with kids

Supports families on their journey to engage, participate and achieve

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